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Is Daycare Better than Staying Home with Mom?

Childcare is unexplainably fulfilling, but it also comes with nerve-wracking and mind-boggling responsibilities. It helps if parents contemplate the best way to provide it. No wonder some choose to be stay-at-home moms to give care full time or get support from daycare centers. Which of these options do you consider is better? 

 Children at home with their moms

It is hard to contest how a mother’s tender loving care is not enough for a kid. However, some wonder if there are unflattering effects on children when they entirely stay with their moms throughout their toddler days. 

Based on several studies, dedicated stay-at-home moms, even dads, can make a difference in the overall well-being of their young children. For health alone, the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development, research published by Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, revealed staying at home prevents kids from having ear and respiratory illnesses. Young kids are also less aggressive and stressed if it is their stay-at-home parents. These are according to the studies, including from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the Institute of Child Development of the University of Minnesota.

Realistically, though, some stay-at-home moms also juggle housework together with childcare. Add the idea that maybe a setup, condition, and know-how affect how a mother provides care. Remember that most kids are already crawling or walking to whatever interests them. It is a must that moms are attentive to keep the toddlers away from health and safety hazards. And although it is time and physically demanding, it is better if they support their children to explore hands-on learning even at home. 

Another concern in kids who mostly stay home with their moms is their lack of social connection or skills development. It is easy to conclude that children find opportunities to interact with others in daycare centers. But it is probably limited when kids are in places without same-age kids or playing alone. In this manner, moms should make time and effort to be playmates. It is also excellent if they find time to let their kids play or socialize with other children. 

Kids in the daycare centers

Hands down, a daycare center is a choice for a working mom or those planning to be one. Several studies revealed its benefits to children, including developing various skills. A research report posted in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health also imparted that kids who experienced daycare are sociable and exhibit good behavior.

Although entrusting a child in a daycare center is good, some experts advise it will only be realizable if the facility and caregivers of the daycare center offer quality. For example, it is excellent that a trusted care provider is mindful and caring, apart from being certified and skilled to provide childcare. The institution follows the quality standards like the number of children per caregiver.

Another important factor is also the age of the child. The experts advise that three years old below should be with their stay-at-home parents. The bond between a mom and child is critical in this age bracket. On the other hand, the three-year-old or older children are fit to go to preschool and daycare centers. Doing it helps to develop their social, cognitive, and emotional skills.