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Convenient access to an important place can offer various advantages. Take, for example, a nearby school for a child that is reachable without effort. Perhaps, it either helps you to exercise or consume less gas every time you go to school. It is also favorable for young kids-turned-preschool students. Distance and familiarity in its location make them feel at home with their schooling. Rainbow Preschool & Childcare Center is also a school like this. It serves young children and their families in the Virginia Beach area.

Can Rainbow Preschool help your child to learn?

Naturally, parents would choose a school near their homes. However, it is also better to be particular about the benefits. Along with this is consideration of factors such as the quality and safety in the school. 

Rainbow Preschool is an educational institution you can count on in Virginia Beach as it presents a holistic approach and care for its students’ learning needs. 

It offers a safe and sound environment. Every day and every meal, there is no doubt that most parents strive to prepare nutritious food on the table. On the occasion that students are taking a meal or snack at Rainbow Preschool, they get certified nutritious viands.

Moreover, teachers here are ready to render first aid and CPR in case of emergency. On top of this, there is MAT-certified staff to assist.

It comes with caring and qualified teachers. The importance of education for very young children cannot be as simple as 123. However, it comes smooth and fun to present with the help of a caring teacher. An effective education leader is willing to teach age-appropriate lessons and activities. Surely, Rainbow Preschool teachers possess these traits. They are well-equipped and prepared to fulfill their duties. Moreover, they have a background and positive attitude in what they do. Also, they are continuously getting training, so they are at their best in their profession.

It provides exciting and engaging projects. More than ever, play and exploration are the key components to engage pupils to learn. Thus, Rainbow constantly comes up with school-wide projects that are relevant and exciting for all students. These include motor skills-booster field trips and art projects that tickle the inner artists in young children.

An enriching preschool program in Virginia Beach

If you are looking for appropriate programs for two to five-year-old children, Rainbow Preschool can deliver quality ones to you. Its preschool class consists of enriching activities that enable three-year-old students to explore and adapt academic skills.

Some of the many lessons or activities students will enjoy in the program include the following:

  • Recognize letters and learn writing for beginners
  • Understand basic math
  • Work with small and large group activities, 
  • Engage in outdoor plays
  • Acquaint them to know dates and calendars
  • Familiarize them to table manners 
  • Teach them classroom structure and routine

On top of preparing children in their pre-kindergarten education in a fun and unique way, the preschool curriculum of Rainbow helps them to adopt a positive learning mindset. An example of such is to be responsible and confident in their study.