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Our two-year-old classroom provides an environment fit for your two-year-olds’ energy, so that they can discover and take an interest in the world around them. Teachers provide guidance for academic exploration with age-appropriate activities, circle time, outdoor play, and art projects while implementing a wide range of developmental skills in basic hand-eye coordination, motor skills, letter and number identification, nursery rhymes, sing-a-longs, speech, and counting. Two-year-olds also learn social and emotional skills such as table manners, sharing kindness, and basic safety skills. Additionally, each child will be encouraged to start potty training when ready.


Our class for three-year-olds is designed to teach students a number of academic skills that will prepare them for the upcoming transition to Pre-K through fun and exciting activities. Teachers provide students with a remarkable curriculum wrapped inside a structured daily schedule for students. The class focus is on learning letter recognition, hands-on math, orientation today, days of the week and months of the year, beginner writing skills and small and large group activities, learning centers and outdoor play. Each child will be encouraged to share and start learning responsibility, table manners, accepting classroom structure, and the ability to focus on one full activity for incremented time periods.


Our four-year-olds focus on learning independence and self-esteem. This is a magical time for the class as they have hands-on learning while working on their communication skills. Each student will also work on problem-solving skills while creating a love of life-long learning. The students will explore, investigate and discover the world around them as they expand their skills and knowledge.


Our private Kindergarten program complies with Virginia State’s SOL’s and provides your child with a smaller sized classroom setting, enabling the teacher to work one-on-one with students and develop a close student-teacher foundation. Through this program, we also offer extra-curricular activities like learning Spanish, music, sign language, and computer lab.

Before & After School

The way we see it, our purpose is to offer our school-age students a fun, relaxing environment that still provides a uniformed schedule. Age-appropriate activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, music, outdoor play, group projects and time to do homework are offered. For your convenience, we also provide transportation to and from public schools.

What should I look for in a Private School in Virginia Beach?

Parents in Virginia are fortunate to have various educational institutions for their children. One of the problems left to solve, then, is to select a reliable partner in education. It is the same with choosing a private school in Virginia Beach. The parents should consider relevant factors to ensure their students can develop learning skills and build good characters.

Virginia is one of the top-performing States in terms of education, especially in pre-K. Behind this accolade is consistent hard work with methods to ensure students have the best support in their education. What does it mean when it comes to selecting a private school in Virginia Beach

Retain teachers with a sound background. As they say, teaching is a noble profession. Educators nurture lifelong learners in their students by educating them on fundamental lessons and developing their skills. On the part of preschool teachers, the challenge is distinctive. They welcome and introduce toddlers to the world of structured learning in the school. In their caring hands, students enjoy this and their other first-ever school activities.

Therefore, preschool teachers must be natural in guiding young children with no or limited experience. They must be trained in early childhood education to make them effective educators. They also know to execute things like first aid or CPR in case of emergencies. Indeed, even if it looks like they are teaching simple lessons like numbers and letters, preschool teachers have big shoes to fill. In this regard, if you choose a preschool in Virginia Beach, verify the credentials of their preschool teachers. 

Provide a warm-hearted and safe culture. Typically, a private school in Virginia Beach offers suitable facilities and materials for students. However, it’s rare to find one with a caring and supportive culture. These elements are essential to make children feel at home while learning. These are also valuable to be collaborative or team players.

Set to prepare your kids for the next levels. It is valuable to equip children for a more structured setting in kindergarten or higher levels. A step to do this is choosing a preschool with quality programs and resources in advancing kids in every way. In this manner also, they become all set for their next learning journey. 

 The Rainbow Preschool & Child Care Center, for example, employs a structured system that guides students to develop their skills and love for learning. This private school in Virginia Beach maintains programs with activities and lessons that empower children to enjoy their learning transitions.  

Before & After School

We often hear parents tell their kids not to grow too fast. We want our kids to stay as cute and cuddly as they are for many more years to come.

Of course, that’s wishful thinking. In reality, you want your child to grow healthy, happy, and ready to face the world. If you are like most parents, you are probably considering sending your child to a preschool in Virginia Beach when he or she reaches the age of three. However, others contend that sending a child to school at that age may be too early. So, how does one know when to send a child to daycare in Virginia Beach?

Experts recommend that children at the age of three should start mingling with other kids the same age. Private schools in Virginia Beach provide your kids a chance to socialize while developing the skills they need to prepare them for more advanced schooling. 

Sending your kids to child care in Virginia Beach is an essential step to your child’s growth, but how do you know if they are indeed ready? Below are some suggestions for measuring your child’s readiness for preschool.

  1. Does your child enjoy being with other children?

Your youngster will learn about sharing with other children, listening, and taking turns in preschool. Your kid will likewise need to sit patiently in a group, such as during story time. Children who have previously spent some time in group situations with other children or with family members at home tend to grasp these approaches better.

  1. Is your child willing to spend time away from you?

Obviously, your child will have to spend a few hours away from you, and that in itself presents a challenge. If your youngster has not experienced spending time with kids yet, he or she might have a difficult time in a daycare center. If you can see this coming, you can have your child spend some time away from you, perhaps with grandma or an uncle, in the weeks leading to the start of preschool.

  1. Is your child potty trained? 

Many preschools only accept children who are toilet trained. Ask them about their toileting requirements before enrolling your child. Try not to rush toilet training to get him or her into preschool earlier. In fact, rushing this process may prolong the training process and make it more difficult.

  1. Is your child ready to be with another adult?

At school, your child will meet at least one adult teacher. To some kids, it could be a startling experience. Assess whether your child is ready to meet and learn with a new teacher to avoid encountering problems later on.

If your youngster seems to revel in being around other kids and adults, loves to probe new concepts and activities, and looks to be socially and physically ready, he or she is probably ready for preschool and should have a stimulating and fruitful experience.

Day Care Center

Daycare centers provide various programs for your child to learn in a fun, safe, and age-appropriate way. That is why sending your child to a preschool in Virginia Beach is one of the best options for you if you are a working parent.

Rainbow Preschool and Daycare Center, one of the best private schools in Virginia Beach, has programs that fit your and your child’s needs. We have always been dedicated to giving your child a fun and secure environment, giving you peace of mind when you need to focus on other things.

We understand the need for children to learn through social exploration and self-education while maintaining an organized environment with a detailed curriculum so we can monitor your child’s progress.

Rainbow Preschool’s programs

If you are looking for child care in Virginia Beach, consider Rainbow Preschool and Daycare Center. We have programs for two-year-olds, three-year-olds, four-year-olds, and kindergarten.

Program for two-year-olds

Our classrooms for two-year-old kids are appropriate for their age. We encourage youngsters to take interest in their surroundings. Here, they can discover new things in a safe environment guided by our competent and qualified teachers.

Our teachers provide activities like art projects, outdoor play, and group work to develop their social and motor skills, hand-and-eye coordination, numbers and letters identification, speech, singing, and nursery rhymes. 

Children also learn emotional skills like table manners and sharing kindness.

Programs for three-year-olds

Our classrooms are set up for three-year-old kids to teach them different academic skills that will get them ready for their transition to pre-kindergarten. We do this by making them participate in fun learnings and activities. 

Our teachers give students a unique curriculum within a structured daily schedule. Our classes concentrate on understanding letter recognition, math, beginner writing skills, small and large group activities, orientation today, days of the week and months of the year, learning centers, and outdoor play.

We will encourage your child to start learning table manners, responsibility, and accepting classroom structure. 

Programs for four-year-olds

Our programs for four-year-old children focus on independent learning and self-esteem. They will also start working on their communication skills and problem-solving skills while developing a life-long love for learning.


We comply with Virginia State’s SOLs and provide a smaller sized classroom setting. Our teachers can work with individual students and develop a closer relationship with them. We also offer computer labs, sign language, music, and even Spanish.


If you have questions or inquiries, you can visit our center between 6:00 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

You can also call us at (757) 460-2150 or email us at [email protected].