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Why is Preschool Good for Your Kids?

Because of the critical matters in kindergarten or primary education, preschool somehow remains an option for some parents. The thing is, the preschool program is advantageous to the learning journey of young kids. 

Because success in primary education begins in early intervention

In terms of age requirements, almost all states now allow five-year-olds to enter kindergarten. In Virginia, Connecticut, and South Carolina, the same age group is compulsory for kindergarten. In this regard, postponing for a year before taking kindergarten is a choice for parents. It has become an automatic decision on kids with summer birthdays. Additionally, several testimonies kindle the idea that redshirting is the key to academic advancement. 

What some people overlook is even from studies about academic redshirting, prior intervention before kindergarten is valuable. It paves the way for learning advancement or better early academic success. It helps children become mature as they get a year older. However, it may not mean they developed the learning skills they need. To nurture their social, physical, and cognitive abilities, they need support from their family and community, including early childhood programs. 

Preschool, for example, is a program that a child can take before pre-k and kindergarten. It is a fitting program that prepares young children to welcome the idea of schooling with fun. The curriculum introduces them to the basic lessons, as well as learning explorations. Moreover, preschools help hone their social and physical skills with activities with their classmates and teachers.

Because preschool helps to understand the learning needs and abilities of young children

Each child is unique, and it includes one’s learning pace or gift in acquiring knowledge. Some kids are good at some disciplines and struggle with others. Indeed, it is a complex matter that requires time and effort to understand. Thus, it pays that their parents and educators get to know them. In that way, children get appropriate help as soon as possible to succeed, not only academically but as lifelong learners. Plus, it is excellent to know better a pupil’s individual needs and abilities even before taking a primary education level. Read our article on how to prepare children for pre-K school.

If we analyze, the first experiences of children in schooling affect their views on education. Hence, it is a goal they appreciate learning to the extent they are open to exciting challenges in having it in their lives. Ideally, they find learning leaders in their teachers and friends in their classmates. And as they enjoy schooling, they also hone their abilities and traits. They get to know how they are as an individual and a team player in the school community. 

As for their parents, it is helpful to find support from an educational institution to get to know and nurture their children. Typically, preschool teachers are open to communicating any progress or concern of their pupils to their parents.

Take note also that each stage of a child’s development is critical. Skipping a phase or level would create a learning gap in the long run. These gaps need to solve before or while children are taking a higher level of education. Indeed, preschool is a win-win solution to help kids, parents, and even their succeeding educators for a smooth-sailing learning journey.