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Pre-k programs help prepare students for a structural schooling setup of kindergarten. But how do children become ready for their pre-k? Parents or guardians can assist their young ones through exercises that are beneficial to the early academic success of your child.

Why prepare for Pre-K?

Children are more comfortable playing and joining group activities if they have no problem socializing. It is the same with having enough energy. Sleepiness and tiredness affect their performance for almost an entire class session. Imagine if they are like these every day, and there are other issues to address. 

Moreover, there are matters that kids first or only learn from their first teachers—their parents or guardians. Ideally, both parents and schools work together. 

Preparations to do before Pre-K

Preparing children to be pre-k students requires no exact or uniform formula. However, it pays to be patient, attentive, and creative to accomplish this mission. 

Teach to follow a routine. Pre-k is not as structural as the other higher levels. But note that they have a class schedule to follow. Your student needs to be accustomed to a routine before, during, or after classes. It involves caring for when it is the time to wake up and eat a meal before going to school. 

The good thing about following a routine is it helps a child to learn discipline. 

Help your child to be toilet-trained. Schools have different takes for potty training for students. However, it eases if a potty-trained child can go to the toilet independently. Two benefits of this are to avoid health risks and ease discomfort at once.

Guide your child to communicate. For the young ones who start schooling, having some communication skills are beneficial to them to learn more in school. They have the confidence to ask questions or share concerns with their teachers. Their capacity to clearly express what they want helps teachers to assist them promptly.

Influence your young one to socialize. A big part of schooling is socialization. Apart from group activities inside the classroom, some school programs involve engagement with a lot of people. Thus, it is hard for children to adjust if they are fearful whenever their parents are away. 

One of the recommendations is to let them attend social gatherings or play with their other kids.

Make your child aware of the school setup. An exercise to prepare kids for prekindergarten is to do tasks that they will do as students. It may be about reading stories, coloring books, or counting numbers. Some also do role-play exercises in teaching and learning as a starter. 

Moreover, many fun classroom activities are possible to do at home. All you need to do is search and check which ones are effective for your child. 

Lead your child to be an independent learner. Pre-K also involves pupils doing self-paced learning. They need to do art projects, read stories, or do solo exercises. Thus, it’s better if a child knows how to do student work solo.  One of the crucial preparations for pre-k is choosing wisely the school of your kid. Rainbow Preschool and Child Center help prepare students for a structural schooling setup. And part of its objectives is for them to gain learning skills. It also ensures its activities, lessons, and facilities are appropriate for pupils.