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Should 2-year-olds go to preschool?

A big part of the life of the children is their time for schooling. Education is considered an integral element to foster healthy and thriving youth. While this is the grand goal, many still seek advice if sending two-year-old kids to preschool is on the right track or too early? 

The development in two-year-old kids

Most two-year-old kids start walking with less supervision or can utter a message with two to three words. They can also remember names or imitate some actions. Hence, most parents are prompt to think that perhaps this is the right time for young ones to go to preschool.  

In terms of age, there are different requirements throughout the U.S. The common practice is that two to three years old kids are eligible for a preschool program. It is an approach to help kids welcome the idea of schooling and prepare for kindergarten, though it is not compulsory. In Rainbow Preschool and Child Care Center, there is a class dedicated to two-year-old kids. 

Before deciding, parents need to observe their toddlers closely to judge how ready they are. It is good to ask what would happen if a young kid started schooling rather than staying home? What are the main objectives in enrolling a two-year-old in a preschool

The advantages of enrolling in a preschool are various, especially in cognitive, physical, and social development. Young kids will engage in educational and fun activities like building something out of puzzle pieces or blocks. Pupils will learn more about colors, shapes, numbers, and more. 

Preschool is also a great venue to encourage kids to play and interact with others. Group activities and outdoor plays at the school bring more benefits, including developing their communication and relationship skills.

On the other hand, impressive growth in the cognitive and physical aspects should not be the only considerations to say a child is preschool-ready. Parents are encouraged not to focus on academics alone. It should also be on readiness and establishing the love for learning, especially in school. Remember also each child is unique and has a set of inclinations. They need time and understanding on this.

Some indicators to know if a two-year-old kid is preschool-ready

Potter-trained. Ideally, a young child is potty-trained before entering preschool. It helps to lessen the stress of the pupil when attending classes. Moreover, some schools require their students to be potty-trained, while others offer assistance on this. Thus, it is good to ask this matter during the enrollment time. 

Separation issue. Assume toddlers do not want to be away from their parents even for a few hours. It is helpful to practice doing this at home until a child feels independent.

The training for this also prevents a child from being stressed and sad during the class. And this paved the way to healthier and happier learning school time.

Sociable. Some children are shy or introverted, that when they go to an environment with many young active kids, they feel overwhelmed or stressed. In this manner, it is excellent to let toddlers experience interacting with people even before preschool. It may be through playing with their relatives and neighbors.

Remember that preschool can be a more exciting and fun-filled environment for kids keen on joining group activities.