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Is it not how amazing children these days grow so fast? Do they surprise us with their learning progress? Today, they are crawling. Tomorrow, they are walking and doing advanced activities for their age. This development is overall fine but is it not better if they have the support they need for their progress? The suitable guidance is beneficial not only for their education but also for their well-being. In this regard, it is ideal to consider one of the best pre-k programs near Virginia Beach to help your young child.

Why is a pre-k program valuable for children?

Since immemorial time, renowned educators have been sharing the needs in every stage of child development. It also means that the two to four years old young ones demand support as their abilities grow. 

Therefore, teaming up with an educational institution is an excellent step to provide better care to young children. Parents can gain the assistance they seek, as learning in school or not, nurturing children involves varying factors. It also comprises nourishment, physical fitness, emotional stimulation, etc. 

Parents still need to cover all these demands for holistic development, but no doubt, community and professional help make a difference. Indeed, educating a child is of utmost importance that takes time and effort to establish.

On the other hand, enrolling four-year-old children in the Pre-K program is practical. For one thing, kindergarten education is compulsory as they turn one year older. Without proper training, incoming kindergarten students need to cope up with the schooling setup. They need to deal with more challenging lessons and activities. Moreover, they also need to handle things like structure, routine, or participation of other people in their classroom experience.

Although we can expect some students can manage some difficulties effortlessly, some others cannot simply do that. Whichever a four-year-old child belongs to, a pre k program can be a valuable aid.

One of the notable prekindergarten programs near Virginia Beach

Also servicing Pembroke and the Little Creek Base areas, Rainbow Preschool & Childcare Center offers a prekindergarten program in Virginia Beach for more than 30 years. It serves USDA-certified nutritious meals and snacks. The teachers care about the learning and safety of children. They trained to provide first aid, as well as performing CPR. Rainbow Preschool has staff members with Medication Administration Training (MAT). On top of this, the reputable school presents various classes, including its pre k program for four-year-old pupils.

Along with other things, the four-year-olds class presents experiential learning that helps develop varying abilities in students. Some activities in the program let young children discover and expand their know-how in the lessons appropriate for their age. 

These and more aim to strengthen their skills in communication and problem-solving. Overall, the program aims to prepare young children for the structured setup in kindergarten. It also intends to lead them to become independent learners. Moreover, part of Rainbow’s Pre-k program is to uplift their self-esteem in their capabilities, especially in their learning.