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Our Pre-K programs for four-year-old children focus on independent learning as well as the development of a positive self-image or sense of self-worth. The students will also begin to focus on increasing their communication and problem-solving abilities, as well as cultivating a lifelong passion for learning and exploration.

Importance of Pre-Kindergarten Education

Early preschool years are a crucial time for children to develop their vocabulary and linguistic abilities, as well as to be exposed to a wide range of experiences and learn skills such as cooperating with peers and collaborating on projects with their teachers. Early childhood children are continuing to build skills as they go through the grade, but they are also gaining the confidence they need to work independently and to apply those talents to more in-depth projects with their peers as they progress further into kindergarten.

Imagine their delight and confidence as they work together with their peers to conduct science experiments, build bridges, and write and perform stories in a variety of settings. The fact that they are in the early stages of abstract thinking lends a more enriched feel to everything they accomplish compared to other children. This group of students is capable of discovering solutions to problems as well as taking on leadership roles in their various educational settings. A quality prekindergarten program not only prepares children intellectually for success in later school but also offers them opportunities to develop social-emotional skills and a positive self-image.

As a transitional stage between preschool and kindergarten, pre-kindergarten can be viewed as a critical connection. Preschool and pre-kindergarten both encourage children to engage in rich, inquiry-based experiences, but a pre-kindergarten program places a greater emphasis on kindergarten readiness than a standard preschool program.

Why Choose Us?

At Rainbow Preschool & Child Care, we recognize that the most valuable gift a teacher can provide a parent is the assurance that their child is incapable and patient hands. With this in mind, we invite you to tour our facility at any time—we’re looking forward to meeting you and your child!

Each of our classrooms is equipped with a range of centers that provide chances for your child to learn both independently and via structured explorations. Your kid will engage in a variety of enjoyable activities, including field excursions and summer activities, that will help them develop their motor skills and strengthen their minds and bodies. With imaginative art projects and safe, enjoyable playgrounds at each of our sites, you couldn’t ask for a more suitable environment for your child.

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