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As pre-k prepares a child for primary education, it matters that you determine where your young one gets this program. One way to figure out is to answer the question, “the pre-k near me is?” Doing so can help to narrow down your choices. And maybe, learning about our school in Virginia Beach is the exact answer you seek. 

Pre-K near me: Learn about our school in Virginia Beach

The pre-k school near me in Virginia Beach? 

Young children in pre-k are relatively new or adjusting to schooling. Any related activities that are part of being students may stress them out. Take, for example, getting up for the school day. If a child’s school is far from home, it adds to time and preparation in going to school. It is why it is practical to choose a pre-k school close to you.

Rainbow Preschool and Child Care is near you in Virginia Beach. Our school is at 1115 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA. Thus, you and your child need not put much effort into preparation and travel time. Aside from these, you will also enjoy other advantages when pre-k school is close to your place. 

When there are school programs and projects – Going back and forth to one’s home may not be stressful, but that’s not the case when there are special events in the school. It may be about bringing costumes and helping in plays. Or you are personally involved in leading a parent or family participation activity like community service. 

These programs may be tiresome, but they are beneficial to the entire school community, especially the children. These promote camaraderie, physical fitness, experiential learning, and more.

Easy to be involved in the study. Parents’ engagement in young students’ learning is imperative, especially in pre-k. They adjust to their new environment and socialization with other people at this period. So before they can explore, enjoy, and experience the benefits of having a quality pre-k program, they need to surpass some challenges. Early childhood educators can guide and help them in school. But it pays off if the parents offer support in the best way they can for their learning.

Understandably, school involvement is demanding for most parents with their chores and jobs. But things may be more manageable if they have easy access to school in terms of proximity. They can spend more time in school to be aware of the system and activities. It is also straightforward for them to participate in sessions. They can coordinate with teachers for any steps to help their children’s well-being. On top of these, it is uplifting for kids if they see their parents are engaged in their education. 

The pre-k school of your child in Virginia Beach

Our pre-k program features a holistic approach to promote the learning development of kids. It also instills the necessary skills to prepare for their primary education. Among the things that our program aims to do is to uplift the self-esteem and independence of young children in studying. We have fun and meaningful activities that caring professionals facilitate to achieve these. 

Learn more about our school and programs in Virginia Beach. Get in touch with us through (757) 460-2150 or [email protected].