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How Many Days Should a 3-Year-Old Go to Preschool?

Given the quality of the education program, preschooling is exciting and beneficial for three-year-old children. Even if that is true, you may still have questions or doubts on which options to take for your young students. Perhaps, it includes how many days in a week your pupil should be at school. 

Numerous preschools offer two, three, or five school days in a week. The flexibility comes from the capacity of an institution in terms of facilities and teachers. Most schools also allow an increase or decrease of the days given formal notice and ample time to adjust. Having these options is excellent. However, these may also trigger confusion on the best number of days to settle for the three-year-old kids. 

Practically, the answer depends on various factors. It is just it is always ideal to base your decision on your child’s needs, which conceivably related to the following:

Willingness to be away from parents

First-time schoolers require time to adjust to being accustomed to their new environment without their parents. In addition to that, they will interact with people other than their family members for several hours. They may begin warming up with their classmates and teachers after several ice-breaking sessions. But expect some children may take a longer time to adjust.

The two common recommendations for this are:

  • Begin with a two-day per week class. Most parents choose to start with a two-day per week schedule. In that way, there are no significant adjustments in schooling. Another point to consider in this option is the interests or activities of pupils back home. Let’s say, every afternoon, a young one likes to play with neighbors or pets.
  • Begin with a three-day per week class. For most educators, longer days at school can help address the separation issues faster than shorter days. A reason for this is when children have more time to do their usual home activities; the school environment remains an uncomfortable place for them.  

Being between the shortest and longest, the three-day class is considered an excellent option for preschoolers. It is better than two days since kids can have a balanced number of days between daytime school and home activities. It is better than five days because some children feel stressed with a long hour of classes. It also means the time they are away from their parents.  

Preparation for primary education

If your focus is on providing social and physical development support for a child, a preschool for two or three days is enough a week. The short days may be adequate to experience group activities, art classes, or more with classmates. 

If you are a working parent, longer days may be the practical and suitable schedule. It is also an excellent choice if you prioritize the cognitive development of your child. Remember that the difference between preschool and daycare centers is the former focuses on honing the learning skills in children. Also, they will discover more subjects like math, science, and more. 

Whichever number of days you choose, bear in mind that it must be okay with your three-year-old student. Knowing it paved the way for an enjoyable schooling experience.