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Even in this day and age, there are still different opinions on the benefits of kindergarten schools. On the other hand, several education theorists believe that it is crucial to young children. They recognized that even young children have learning needs and innate abilities. 

Another practical point is kindergarten is mandatory for five-year-old kids, and it is the start of primary education in most states.

Kindergarten as early childhood education

If we check the history of early childhood education, kindergarten has rich and colorful stories. The first kindergarten ever recorded was created by German educator Friedrich Froebel in Blankenburg, Germany, in 1837. 

Based on several accounts, migrants from Germany brought the concept of kindergarten to the US. However, it only became mainstream when Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, an American educator, adopted and made it available for English-speaking students in 1860. 

Take note that kindergarten is not only a place for young children. Around the globe, various educators and early childhood advocates theorized that kindergarten is a vital stage. Some shared that five-year-old kids can do self-directed learning and express themselves in a hundred languages. A few popular approaches include Montesorri of Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia of Loris Malaguzzi, and Waldorf of Rudolf Steiner. 

Although they are different approaches, the idea remains the same, kindergarten students can be creative, problem-solvers, and lifelong learners. And an education institution with well-trained teachers and high standard facilities is the best venue to nurture their abilities. Moreover, kindergarten schools are more encouraging than other places. These serve as a second teaching tool for kids. Also, institutions like Rainbow Preschool Child Care Center adhere to the Standards of Learning (SOL) of Virginia. It provides a healthy place for the school community. 

Kindergarten in Rainbow Preschool and Childcare Center

To know more about the benefits of a kindergarten school, better to get an example. Ideas about these can give pointers why a kindergarten is a must for children. Allow us to introduce the kindergarten program of Rainbow Preschool: 

Small-sized class. Our kindergarten class maintains a small class size, so there are more one-on-one interactions between the teacher and students. Some advantages of this approach are:

  • close monitoring of the progress of every child
  • ease to address academic or non-academic concerns
  • The kids find comfort and build rapport inside the class 
  • Learning is easy because of fewer distractions or noise

Complete with essential lessons. Aside from helping children to develop learning skills, our kindergarten program has fun activities. It includes outdoor play, group projects, and more. The students also learn relevant lessons such as:

  • speaking Spanish, 
  • appreciate music, 
  • do sign language, 
  • explore technology in the computer lab. 

Care inside and outside the class. Our care for children does not start and end in the classroom. Our entire facility serves as a caring kindergarten school for students. We offer nutritious snacks and meals. We have staff members with MAT- certification, and our teachers can do first aid and CPR.  

Indeed, there is more to discover in a kindergarten school that is beneficial to children. Contact Rainbow Preschool Child Care Center for any inquiries about our kindergarten program.