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Across the US, many state governments have been doing programs to strengthen the promotion of pre-k. It is one of the indications that this stage is paramount to the learning and development of young children. What’s more, pre-k can bring enjoyable and positive memories for them. 

Many studies also prove the benefits of early childhood education programs such as nursery, preschool, and pre-k. And it is excellent if parents and guardians understand that these benefits do not only last for a couple of school years. Effective programs can instill life-long values and skills that children need in life. 

To give you a glimpse of how’s pre-kindergarten in general, here are the top three things your kid will learn from going to pre k:

Lessons that prepare your child for primary education – As its name indicates, pre-k lays the foundation, so a young student becomes ready for compulsory kindergarten. Note that the approach in preschool programs is different from kindergarten or higher education levels. When students enter kinder, the expectation is they have no problem participating in individual and group activities, studying independently, following instructions and regulations, etc. Overall, they should be responsible enough for their studies.

For young children, the structure and expectations can be overbearing if they have little or no idea. And learning the concept is not enough. It is good that they are being prepared in ways suitable for their age and abilities. In other words, they will get various lessons to learn that are helpful for their communication, problem-solving, and independent learning. And these are presented in a light, enjoyable and meaningful approach. In that sense, their preparation for structure learning is gradual and smooth.

Lessons and experiences that help your kid to adopt positive traits. Child development encompasses steps to nurture progress and address needs. And these demands can be about physical, cognitive, emotional, and other matters. If all these are met, a child will have healthy growth. The thing is, it takes genuine care and dedication to achieve this goal. However, parents can find help from carers and educators from preschools and their programs like pre-k.

A quality pre-k program is beneficial to lessen behavior issues and help kids develop good traits based on some studies. And this may include having the proper manners, self-discipline, and high self-esteem. 

Learnings that give an edge to your kid – Aside from preparing young children for kindergarten, pre-k is also a stage where kids have access to the people and things that help them gain vast knowledge. These eventually give them an edge as students. 

According to some studies, young children that took a pre-k program have improved English skills. And it is highly recommended for those who speak other languages. Moreover, some research suggested that pre-K graduates emerged well in numbers and reading. Moreover, pre-K also gives young children the opportunity to do activities like learning exploration, school programs, field trips, and even playing with other kids. These offer them further learning and skills development. 

In a real sense, there are many more benefits to knowing about pre-k. And your child will get these in a school like Rainbow Preschool and Child Care. Don’t hesitate to reach us by phone and email for any of your inquiries.