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Kindergarten is known as the starting point of formal education. Young children who take preschool before this stage possess numerous advantages in learning. Likely, they are more receptive and open to a structural setup. Moreover, every level in the lives of the young ones is crucial to their learning journey. Every child has unique needs and abilities that feasibly develop even before kindergarten. Knowing many parents are seeking reliable support for these matters, Rainbow Preschool serves the Virginia Beach area with a comprehensive nurturing environment.

Fun learning programs. Rainbow Preschool & Child Care Center has classes or appropriate and beneficial programs for young children. Each of these programs offers activities and lessons that aim to provide fun and essential learning for pupils.

  • In its class for the two-year-olds, the nursery pupils get to knowwhat educational exploration is. Here they will be involved in art projects, which include singing songs and speeches. They will also learn fundamentals such as letters, numbers, and more. The fun part of these activities is that children are doing these activities with each other. They have a teacher to guide and facilitate their progress. 
  • In their class for three-year-olds, the preschool pupils experience practical mathematics, writing, group activities, and more. It is a program where they learn good manners and proper conduct. They will be encouraged to be attentive and responsible learners, which is helpful for the structured classroom setup.

Joining small and large group works causes young children to feel comfortable and confident in social interaction. They will be more ready to do teamwork and be understanding of others. 

  • In their class for four-year-olds, the pre-kindergarten pupils are learning lessons that prepare them to take formal education. At this stage, they can look forward and feel at ease in independent learning. Part of this is uplifting their self-esteem and developing their learning skills. Skills in communication and problem-solving, in particular, can stimulate them to be open to new and challenging lessons.

Cordial in providing care and training. Parents can expect that there are skilled and responsible teachers to look after their toddlers. They are like second parents who take care of their needs. Equally, they serve as the leaders in the learning inside Rainbow Preschool. 

Before being part of the school, its teachers went through an assessment process that includes background and capabilities checks. As they become an integral part of the Rainbow Preschool community, they have regular training to develop their teaching skills further. Aside from these, they are well-equipped in carrying out emergency responses with their first aid and CPR.

Harmonious environment. Rainbow Preschool serves the Virginia Beach area by assuring young children are in good hands. The institution is consistent in adhering to the standards and is concerned with the well-being of the students. For their health and safety, it has staff members with MAT (Medication Administration Training) Certificate. The snacks and meals it offers are also USDA-certified nutritious.

For over 30 years, Rainbow Preschool & Child Care Center understands that parents and young children in Virginia Beach face challenges. It is why it is well-equipped and passionate to be their support in childcare and learning.