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Preschool education is a term that refers to the time a child enters into an organized learning stage at the age of 2 to 4 years. This is the period before they enter kindergarten, and for some people, this age range is too early for their kids to go to school. Some parents think their kids are too young, and thus a waste of time and money. 

But experts note that preschool is an integral part of raising a child. It helps prepare children for the demands of future schooling. So if you fear it is going to take away precious playtime from your kid, you will be glad to know that you are mistaken.

Rainbow Preschool And Child Care, easily one of the best preschools in Virginia Beach, is dedicated to providing you and your child with quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Here, your child will be given plenty of opportunities to learn both through independent exploration of his or her surroundings and group activities that foster teamwork. 

Benefits of sending your child to preschool

Here are the benefits of sending your child to preschool.

1. Gets your child ready for school

Managing a child’s behavior has always been a part of preschooling. For example, kids in preschool learn how to be patient, considerate of other children’s needs, wait for their turn, and raise their hands if they want to speak. 

2. Language and cognitive skills

In preschool, children learn to strengthen their language skills with the guidance of their teachers. They learn how to spell and catch new words through various activities. Teachers also organize games, singing exercises, and talk time. 

Preschool teachers also allow students to explore, experiment, and work with other students, and these activities help develop their cognitive skills. 

3. Social and emotional development

Preschool offers a safe environment for kids to socialize and play with their fellow children. They are given plenty of time to play but are still under the watchful eyes of their teachers. They also engage in group activities, which teach them the value of teamwork.

4. Develops their self-confidence

In preschool, children are carefully supervised. However, they are given plenty of room to explore and learn by themselves. They are also taught how to be independent by going to the bathroom, washing their hands, and eating without the help of an adult. 

5. Academics

Here, they learn math skills through counting, and they learn the ABCs in ways that are not boring. Preschool introduces pre-math and pre-literacy skills to kids in a fun way. Teachers use games, singing, and dancing to teach new skills.

Rainbow Preschool and Child Care understands your child’s needs. Children learn best through experiences that they find interesting, which Rainbow Preschool provides. 

Choose Rainbow Preschool and Child Care, and let your child enjoy the best preschool experience in Virginia Beach.

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