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Several years ago, Pre-K didn’t get as much recognition as today. But still, its astounding benefits resonated in several studies and in the success of students who took this program. The situation is now different as there are movements to let young children access Pre-K

Pre-K is still not mandatory, but there are now state-run programs that support children in pre-k. Not only that, many parents nowadays acknowledge that children should have ample preparation before kindergarten. And among programs they choose is none other than Pre-K. Here are the good points of a quality Pre-K program like Rainbow Preschool and Child Care Center offers.

Ready for the setup in primary education – It is imperative to realize that kindergarten and other higher education environments are quite different from what young children know. It has a structure that includes schedules, levels of lessons, and group or individual activities. Moreover, it is typical for teachers to give instructions and lectures in kindergarten.

Kids with no prior training about this setup will struggle. They will be stressed out as they need to share moments with other kids rather than being the sole center of attention. From playing and doing their interests in their favorite spot, they will encounter new lessons in their classroom. 

Pre-K can help to make them aware and ready for all of these. Our Pre-K program, for example, has a curriculum that lets kids enjoy and acquire necessary learning skills. It includes honing their communication and problem-solving capabilities through lessons and activities.

Stimulate positive development in young children – Every stage in child development is crucial. Missing to offer support at one level can have negative consequences. On the other hand, sound guidance and collaboration with other caring adults can make significant progress in young children. It is why Pre-K is vital because of this

  • Provide a chance for children to enjoy social interaction in a safe and caring environment.

Our program in Virginia Beach includes group learning activities that promote socio-emotional and physical health. We also have inviting facilities like playgrounds where young students can mingle. Plus, we also conduct field trips and summer activities.

  • Pre-k programs assist parents in taking care of their children.

Parents can find partners to take care of their children in an educational institution like ours. When they’re in the classroom, they have carers who are professionals in early childhood education and childcare. Moreover, our teachers can administer CPR and first aid

Rainbow Preschool also has MAT-certified staff members. Aside from these, we offer students USDA-approved nutritious meals and snacks. Indeed, parents can trust their young children are in good hands and a nurturing place.

  • Pre-K offers enjoyment and activities that kids need for their age level.

Pre-K programs are not all about preparation for kindergarten. It equally caters to the current needs of young children in their growth. It is why we make sure that our curriculum is age-appropriate and helpful for young students. And two important things we do are to uplift their self-esteem and enjoy independent learners.

Learn more about Pre-K and our other programs in Virginia Beach. You may visit any of our schools or contact us via phone.