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Education is a significant part of children’s life. Each of its stages is pivotal to their development and future success. It is why educational programs that the young ones take before their primary levels have impacts. In this manner, entrusting your child’s education with a reputable institution is crucial. And it is a reason to learn more about Rainbow Preschool and Child Center. 

How can we help your preschooler?

Early childhood educators and carers are the first-ever teachers that students meet in their lives. It is why their roles are vital as they can create favorable impressions on schooling for kids. Plus, their care kindles the love for learning of their wards. It is why early childhood teachers should have the skills and heart for helping children. Welcoming their first-time learners is both exciting and challenging. 

The staff of Rainbow Preschool is well-aware of their roles in the development of children. Each one has the skills in teaching and took a thorough character assessment. To be part of our team, they also must be in sync with the school mission. And its holistic approach to nurturing young learners. 

We’re glad to say our teachers are capable of supporting pupils in their learning. Also, each one has a certification to administer CPR and first aid. And aside from their acquired teaching skills, they also get training seminars that update or improve their know-how. As a team, we like to be a highly efficient education and childcare institution for young kids.

Another equally important thing to learn about Rainbow Preschool is our four programs. It includes kindergarten and classes for two-, three-, and four-year-old children. Each one features a well-designed curriculum that is age-appropriate and best for kids’ learning needs. 

The class of four-year-old or pre-k students, for example, focuses on boosting their capacity to be independent learners. It includes hands-on learning and stimulating activities that foster their self-esteem. 

On the other hand, the class of two years old children makes them experience learning exploration. It is through engaging activities like outdoor play, art projects, and more. Also, Rainbow Preschool helps in potty training, learning basic safety skills, and adopting table manners. 

Other features of Rainbow Preschool

For over three decades, our school has been educating young pupils in Virginia Beach. We’re happy to provide a community that supports their journey as young learners. We also continually meet or even exceed the Standards of Learning (SOL) in Virginia.

Part of what we do is to ensure we have a child-friendly place. Our classrooms and other school facilities are well-maintained. The teaching and learning materials we utilize are age- appropriate. We also employ the best practices like maintaining the small class of our kindergarten program. It sets the capacity of our teachers to do more one-on-one sessions. Plus, a small-sized class makes a teacher attend to the concerns of young students promptly.

We also have MAT-certified staff members. On top of this, the meals and snacks we serve are USDA-certified nutritious.  To learn even more about Rainbow Preschool, please don’t hesitate to contact us.