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A preschool is where young children discover what schooling looks like. Here they have activities to work on and lessons to learn for the entire school year. It sounds similar to the setup in grade school, so does it mean a pupil can fail preschool? 

Pass or fail?

In a real sense, “failing” is an unusual or odd word in preschool for many reasons. Here are some ideas to ponder:

Young students experience a different setup in preschool compared to formal schooling. To begin with, the classes are not the conventional setup where there are assessments like graded class performance. A grading system is utilized to determine if a student learns skills or lessons.  

Educators in preschool may also do evaluations, but these are not for testing purposes. Instead, these give them ideas for improving their approach or curriculum, so young pupils get better learning experiences. Teachers are there to introduce and nurture skills that their students are aware of. They cannot expect kids to already master their capabilities as first-timers in schooling. Thus, imposing things like grading and failing is unnecessary and overwhelming at this level.

Young kids are in preschool to explore how to be learners. When children enroll in school, they may automatically become students but not learners. People tend to forget that to be good at learning entails practice and preparation. 

One of the many great things that preschool education offers to young children is developing a love for learning. This journey is not easy as there is no one-size-fits-all approach because every young kid is unique. They have a diverse learning phase, techniques, and potential. Moreover, a preschool involves self-expression through art creations, learning through playing, and other enjoyable activities. Some programs also incorporate engaging parents or the entire family. 

These create fun and meaningful activities not focused on winning or losing and passing or falling. What these provide are great learning experiences for young kids. The mission is to let them enjoy being learners through problem-solving, creative thinking, and more. 

What fails in preschool?

Often, preschool teachers talk to parents about the update or progress of their kids. In some cases, though, the update includes concerns and suggestions. The main point is to assist parents and guardians on how they can work together to help their young pupils. 

In some cases, if it’s highly needed, preschools may recommend attending more class sessions. Although it may sound like repeating preschool, that is not the point. The recommendation is according to observation or the noticeable unique needs of the pupil. 

Remember that preschool also helps kids become ready for kindergarten. If that is the parent’s goal, the teacher should be open if a pupil seems to need more time. In the end, it is up to the parents whether to take this advice or not. 

Overall, there is no failing in preschool. Instead, it is about having school experience and helping kids with their learning needs. What fails in preschool is when not fulfilling the goals of early childhood education. And it can depend on factors like the quality of a preschool program.